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Bouillabaisse (French Fish Soup)  Bouillabaise (French Soup) 

French soup recipes. Soup is the traditional first course in formal French meals and a light entrée for casual occasions. Learn how to make authentic recipes passed down from years of traditional French recipes.

Roughly speaking, soups can be divided into three classes: PURÉES, or soups that have been rubbed through a sieve or a colander; BREAD SOUPS (especially French in nature); CLEAR SOUPS.

French Soup Recipe – Bouillabaisse

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Soup in France

(from Colette’s Best Recipes: A Book of French Cookery,

Colette’s career began with the soup. Many things do, in France,–the two chief meals of every day, for instance, in every family; and some things end with it also, as, in many working-class homes, there is nothing else for dinner and supper except just the soup, and a big hunk of bread to dip in it.  For there is not more valuable article of food than well-made soup.

“la soupe” is the most common word. “la soupe de légumes” is a vegetable soup.

“le garbure” is a regional, South-Western name for a soup where vegetables have not been pureed or mixed.

“le velouté” applies to soups having a “velvety” texture, especially mushrooms, asparagus, or vegetable soups with a hint of cream.

“la bisque” is a fish soup, or a lobster soup (“bisque de homard”)