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  • There are several ways to refine your recipe search and make it more accurate: Using quotes.  “Apple Crumble” would include Blackberry and Apple Crumble but NOT Apple and Blackberry Crumble
  • Using a minus sign eg -Blackberry would exclude both of the above examples.
  • Using a + will tell google you insist on that word or phrase being in the search results, eg +fish with sauce would ensure all fish recipes were found, +”baked fish” with sauce would show Baked fish in White Sauce but NOT Sauteed Fish in White Sauce with Baked Potatoes.
  • In Title – a very useful way to find a main ingredient.  Let’s suppose you want to find a recipe for eggs, an ingredient in many dishes.  intitle: egg would find egg recipes but NOT eggs as ingredients only.
  • All in Title – even more effective.  allintitle: chicken sauce needs both words present in the title but necessarily together.  You would need allintitle: “chicken sauce” for that.

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